Poster and Symposium Information

Poster and Symposium Information

  • Presentation of poster of research, this is the reason for the symposium
  • Poster size 44 inches by 28 inches (111 by 71 cm) works well. However, slightly smaller or larger will also be acceptable
  • Poster– Abstract, Introduction, Methods and Materials, Results, Conclusion(s), References
  • Presentation,

Original research

Presented in poster format

Presented by student doing research

Student must make presentation

College level research carried out by presenting student

Not necessarily publishable data

  • Any recognized academic discipline
  • Undergraduates equivalent to United States college students (recent graduates included)
  • Presentations usually occur over one or two days

The Symposium

  • Usually lasts five days.

Day 1 Introductions – getting to know the place and each other

Days 2 and 3 Poster presentations

Day 4 Workshop

Day 5 Tour of businesses and local cultural sites

Cultural exchanges occur in evenings

  • All presenters expected to attend and participate in all activities.

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