Steps for obtaining an invitation to attend IURS

Steps for obtaining an invitation to attend IURS

The process of obtaining an invitation to participate in IURS is for the advisor, or person accompanying students, to contact one of the directors with a letter of interest, giving the titles of the posters his/her undergraduate researchers will be presenting. Advisors, particularly those attending IURS for the first time, are encouraged to make an oral presentation of their research interest. The host IURS Director will then send a formal letter of invitation to the advisor informing him of the research paper title accepted for poster or oral presentation. (A letter head, formal, letter, including poster titles, as outlined in the initial letter of interest, is then sent to the advisor inviting him or her, with their undergraduate researchers, to attend IURS, and present their research.)

Step two is for the host Director to provide each attendee with an individual invitation, on IURS letter head. These letters serve two purposes: they are (a formal) official invitation to present and are needed to obtain visas for the country where IURS will be held.


1.  Letter of interest including poster and advisor oral presentation titles from advisor, sent to Director.
2.  Advisor receives a letter of invitation, including titles of presentations, to attend, along with undergraduate researchers, IURS.
3.  Undergraduates receive individual letters, on letter head, including title of poster.

IURS-9 Host Director, Dr. Anabella Tulin,
IURS Assistant International, Director Dr. C. Calibo,
IURS International Director, Dr. A. Conklin,

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